360 degrees of sky

We’ve just returned from another camping trip to Yorke Peninsula.
My favourite thing?
The 360-degree views of the sky …


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I'm a nature-loving, tea-drinking blogger and writer, and I've had two novels for young adults published. You can find me at twentyonewordsblog.wordpress.com and www.rebeccaburton.com.

8 thoughts on “360 degrees of sky”

  1. Love this Rebecca. A few years ago I did a drawing of the sky every day for a whole year. It made me realise how often we don’t take notice of what’s above us, or even look up, and how much we miss out on when we don’t. This is a reminder to look up and notice.

    1. I love your idea of drawing the sky every day for a year :). I actually thought of photographing it every day for the same reasons. It’s so important just to take a breath and look up, isn’t it?

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